Damaged Good


SOME DAMAGE IS BEYOND REPAIR When Celia, a six year old child replacement, gets caught up in an…



When Celia, a six year old child replacement, gets caught up in an assassination attempt on the Mayor of Los Angeles, Detective Jack Cutter is obliged to protect and serve despite any misgivings he may have towards her kind.

You’d never hear Cutter say he hates androids. Not out loud anyway. Damn synthetics hear everything.

Cutter drags Celia from grisly murder scene to cracked-out cyber-den, hot on the trail of the assassin. As they sink deeper into the case, a far more sinister scheme emerges which threatens the lives of all Angelenos and the only way to stop it lies in the head of a childish android.

DAMAGED GOOD is a fast paced science fiction thriller set in the dystopic near future of Los Angeles. It has been likened to Blade Runner, Altered Carbon, and Ghost in the Shell.

About J.E. Mac

J.E. Mac worked as a screenwriter in Los Angeles. Now, he bludgeons his soul onto the page and sells it off pennies at a time.

Growing up in Southern California, people often asked him where he was from. Uh, Southern California. His answer was met with a look of disappointment. “Oh…” Apparently, no one is from Southern California.

In light of that response, he wanted to concoct a biography about how he was a lonesome hermit living in the wilderness of Alaska. His only company was a stiff glass of whisky, his hunting dog Conan, and a great white bear that was stalking him. (That’s not a metaphor. Polar bears, man! Polar bears!) He also wanted to say he was a New York Times Bestselling author. But that’s a pipe dream. Besides, he wanted to be himself.

At a young age he toured the world sailing. (Didn’t you just say you aren’t going to make up stories?) No, this is true. He grew up sailing out of Newport Harbor. His high school was Newport Harbor High School (You probably know it better as, “Hey! That’s the school from The OC”). He competitively sailed and traveled to London and New Zealand.So far, he has had an eclectic career.

From inking comics for DC, to boom operating on Felicia Day’s The Guild, to climbing masts of sailboats to install new rigging, it’s obvious there’s little he says, “No,” to.

You can contact him @:

Facebook: fbl.me/jemac
Twitter: @J_E_Mac

“We can talk about books, video games, comics, you name it. I probably enjoy it.”