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Warm Bodies, Trump, Satire, and Isaac Marion

It’s my birthday! Yey! So, I thought I’d write about something near and dear to my heart: Satire. So let’s get to the party! Isaac Marion, author of WARM BODIES, posted this Tweet about a month ago. (There’s actually a series. Check ’em out if you’re interested). For the rest of the article, I want you, […]

I fucking hate FRACK!

I’ll say it. I fucking hate frack! It’s an incredibly lame answer to swearing. (Yes, it is. You know, in your heart of hearts, it’s true. You want to feel like your favorite shows are getting away with something, that they’re being edgy, but really, they’re not. They’re conforming, for virtually no reason). No one […]

New Year: Let’s Inspire Each Other!

For 2017, I want to try something new and interactive with you all. I have this eclectic mishmash of Facebook friends — artists and writers and filmmakers (and sailors). I sit here on Facebook and get really inspired by other people’s stuff. So much so, that I get down on my own work. (You guys […]

Surfing the Hipster Lifestyle Bohemian

In two days, I’m going to be living a hipster bohemian lifestyle I tend to equate with those either half my age or double it. For three weeks, I’m crashing on couches, mooching off friends, and hustling in order to to create a product that is ultimately totally unnecessary in the grand scheme of things. […]

Hugh Howey predicted KU 2.0 10 months ago

Flashback 10 months ago: “What if it’s a fraction of a penny per page read?” KU was broken. Many people saw it. Many people capitalized on it. Now, Amazon is fixing KU. That’s what KU 2.0 is all about. September 5th, 2014 – An interview between authors Hugh Howey and Russel Blake discussing KU. This is […]

How to Describe a Character Without Describing a Character

When asked to describe a character, most people run-down a checklist of physical attributes. Height, hair color, eye color, wardrobe. These can be astute and concrete observations. Well written prose–that sadly glances off the reader’s psyche like a BB off an electrical transformer. (Yes, don’t ask why I had the bright idea of shooting BB’s […]


Was digging through some old short stories. Found this. I kinda dig it. Sciencepunk Brad was left holding the eye dropper. He looked up from his hunched position at Marvin and shook his head. What a dick! “How you gonna make a Briggs-Rauscher reaction now, Brad-lee?” Marvin said, mocking him. Chemicals oozed from the shattered […]